The New Judenrate

There is a diary up at MyDD that supports Dave’s diary Accusing Jews Directly. Courtesy of Cernig, The Heritage Foundation’s New Judenrate (While you’re there, click the “Recommend” button! – DJ):

The “Judenrate” were the councils of Jewish collaborators who ran the Polish Ghettos for the Nazis. They also organised the lists of those who would be sent to the camps. Perhaps the most notorious traitor of all was Mordechai Chaim Rumkowski, or “King Chaim”, who was head of the Lodtz ghetto. Now it seems the Heritage Foundation, rightwing think-tank and bankroller, has found a latter-day King Chaim to help them promote their own anti-semitism.
Cue Heritage Foundation writer Burt Prelutsky, a Jewish rightwinger.

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  1. Onward Christian Soldiers

    It seems Bill O’Lielly is fabricating a war against religious tolerance. His viewers at Fox Propaganda Network regularly harrass guests, whose views aren’t conservative enough {and whose microphones aren’t cut off by O’Lielly before they are allowed to ta

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