The Natives Are Restless

Check out this conservative critique of George Bush’s presidency: George Bush, the Manchurian candidate, from The Business Online. Sourced via Dave Farber’s Interesting People list.

Nor is it just the White House that is contaminated by it: when senior Republican leaders in Congress, who have presided over an orgy of public spending and pork-barrel, claimed that there was no fat left to cut in federal spending and that “after 11 years of Republican majority we’ve pared it down pretty good”, it was clear that the inmates had indeed taken over the asylum.

There is now a distinctive fin de regime stink about Republican Washington. Karl Rove, the President’s eminence grise, has been called to testify before a grand jury investigating the leak of a CIA officer’s name. The cronyism of Ms Miers’ nomination to the Supreme Court is now the rule in DC, not the exception: for example, Julie Myers, another inexperienced Bush lawyer, has been nominated to run the US Immigration and Customs Enforcement agency. She has no convincing qualifications for this post, a vital one in an age of terror; but she is the niece of retired chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff Richard Myers and the wife of the Department of Homeland Security secretary’s chief of staff.

This guy is right: Bush’s form of “conservatism” bears no resemblance to the term as conventionally defined… and this is likely to come back to bite him in 2006/2008.

4 thoughts on “The Natives Are Restless

  1. Well, let’s hope that this cronyism will indeed come back to bite Bush in 2006/08. On the other hand, if voting is rigged ..

  2. I guess “the culture of corruption” needs to be expanded to read teh “culture of corrupt cronyism”. Bush is running the US like a third world banana republic….this is a Marcos-style regime. I never thought anyone could make Nixon look good, but Bush has done it.

  3. Oh, the powers-that-be have basically discarded Bush.
    He’s toast.
    I think that’s what this whole Cheney/Bush row that other bloggers have noted indicates. Cheney is Big Money’s man in the White House. (I can’t figure out what Bush is doing, except doing his filial duty and going on binges.)
    Cheney has signalled in quite a few ways that Big Money is done with him.

  4. “…his preference for Republican and business cronies over talented administrators, his lack of a clear intellectual compass and his superficial and often wrong-headed grasp of international affairs”
    HA! HA! HA!……welcome to reality..FINALLY. These OBVIOUS traits were apparent to anyone with half a brain the FIRST time he ran… is poetic justice that his ass-kissers are finally seeing what we’ve been trying to say for all these years, yet we were branded as “Bush haters”, “traitors”, “haters of America”, etc.
    Well tough shit, assholes……this clown has been propped up by your fanwing adoration for too long….if the reality now bites you in the ass…..TOUGH!

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