The Myth of the Liberal Media Goes ‘Scientific’

Paul Rosenberg has written a diary that he cross-posted to MyDD from My Left Wing, ‘Liberal Media’ Myth Goes ‘Scientific’. In a nutshell, Rosenberg deconstructs a study released by UCLA that could just as easily been written by a right wing think tank.
The “surprising” conclusion of this “scientific” study is that Fox News is a “centrist” news outlet and Matt Drudge “leans left.” Needless to say, the methodology of the study left a lot to be desired. As Rosenberg points out:

[The authors] reflect a common attitude of beginning with an ideological outlook, and then looking for data to support it.

2 thoughts on “The Myth of the Liberal Media Goes ‘Scientific’

  1. So how do we debunk this? Of course this is a totally slanted “study” with the word “scientific” attached to it. Just because it comes out of UCLA, with its reputation as a “liberal” university, it’s gonna be accepted as accurate.
    What a pile of crap. Just another pile of crap, propaganda masquerading as scientific research.

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