The Mood of Intimidation In Bush’s America

Here’s a story about a teachers being punished for not supporting Bush enough. One was suspended for not taking down posters done by students – the pro-war posters were not “pro-war enough.” Another was suspended because a student on the school’s poetry-slam team read an anti-war poem. The poetry-slam team has also been disbanded. Four more were suspended for having anti-war posters in their classrooms. Most are terminated as of the end of this school year. All have letters inserted in their files which will make it difficult to find another job. And this is just in Albuquerque.

“Meanwhile, pro-war, militaristic signs, posters and bumper stickers abound at many Albuquerque and Rio Rancho schools.”

Has Bush spoken out condemning these violations of people’s rights? Has he spoken out against the mood of intimidation that is spreading across America? After you’re done spitting your coffee out of your nose and laughing, please remember to read the rest of Seeing the Forest.

As I wrote below in Agents of The Party, “This is not a man condemning thuggery, this is a man gratefully utilizing it.”