The Million HIt March

Help Skippy the Bush Kangaroo get a million hits.
Additional coverage on the Newsweek story identifying Rove as a traitor at Pam’s Blend with a lovely picture of the “low-life toad” and a link to Shakespeare’s Sister:

His defense so far seems to be that he didn’t say her name, just “Wilson’s wife,” and didn’t know that she was undercover, just that she was CIA. . . . How much more of this shit are the American people going to swallow before they demand that the entire lot of criminals running the joint are roughly escorted out the fucking door?

2 thoughts on “The Million HIt March

  1. The “Rove is the leaker” story is still rather murky. I think we have to be careful not to jump the gun too much.
    As much as it would be great to see that guy do a perp walk…it’s important to get the right person.

  2. There’s more evidence against Rove than there was to begin Impeachment proceedings against Clinton. The lack of evidence didn’t stop Ken Starr and the Repubicans from investigating Whitewater, Filegate, Travelgate, and how many others?
    Why should we be held to a standard of absolute certainty before we dog pile on a corrupt turd blossom like Karl Rove? Rove is a bigger threat to American Democracy than Bin Laden. It was incompetent military planning and strategy that allowed Bin Laden to escape at Tora Bora. Osama Bin Laden would already have been relegated to the dust bin of history without the propaganda efforts of Rove and Bush to demonize and mythologize him. Bin Laden owes a greater debt to Rove and Bush than he does to Allah.

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