The Michael Moore Problem

Echo Chamber on The Democrats’ Michael Moore Problem,

It’s a one-sided fight; we get hit and don’t hit back. Consider the following account of David Horowitz — perhaps the looniest loon on the right (and formerly the left) — visiting George Bush at the White House (sorry, I won’t link to his blog):

I hadn’t been at an event with the President (who is looking slim and trim) in four years and didn’t know if he would recognize me. But the minute he saw me in the line he called out “Horowitz” with a big smile on his face, then embraced me in a bear hug. In the moment I had his ear I said, “Thank you for taking all those arrows for the rest of us.” Graciously, he said, “You take more than I do,” which I don’t and said so. Then as I was walking away he called out, “Don’t let them get to you.” I called back, “Don’t you either,” and he replied in a strong voice. “I won’t.”

I don’t know if they swapped spit, but it makes you want to retch.

As Echo Chamber points out, the looniest of the right-wing loons (and never forget the Rev. Moon is a major figure on the Right) get the honor treatment from the President himself. Meanwhile,

The Vice President of the United States was the keynote speaker at a conference where other speakers called for “a new McCarthyism” to bring “terror” to intellectuals, saying “let’s oppress them [liberals],” and “the entire Harvard faculty” are “traitors.”

But Michael Moore, MoveOn, etc. are “fringe” and “traitors” and every Democrat is supposed to answer for their “crimes.”

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  1. Bush recognizes this teeny-weenie but doesn’t remember Abramoff? Jeez, bush caught in another lie?

  2. ‘We get hit and don’t hit back.’ Spot-on, Dave!
    It makes me want to retch as well!

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