The Message The Conservatives Are Getting

I have said that the way to understand what Bush and the conservative movement leaders are saying is to listen to what their followers are hearing. And you don’t have to go far at all to get the message – the conservatives want war with all of Islam, especially American Muslims.
Over at Townhall – which is a Republican commentary hub, this: Home grown terrorists,

“We are not at war with the Muslim faith.” So say various members of the media and government, either because they actually believe it, or because their blind adherence to political correctness dictates as much.
… Make no mistake, these were your fellow citizens cheering a terrorist organization that has already proudly killed hundreds of Americans. If they would cheer such a despicable group, what else might they do for them or Al Qaida? A logical question that political correctness forbids us to ask.

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  1. Links From Left Blogistan 27 August 2006

    Over at the Clown Hall annex of the Whoritage Foundation Seeing The Forest catches the GWOT really is a global war on Islam. And if you think that this isn’t representative of the values of the Heritage Foundation and is just the words of the individual w

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