The Medicare Privatization Bill

I want to say this to Democrats in the Congress as they prepare to vote on the Medicare Privatization Bill. If you are thinking of voting for this so the Republicans won’t campaign against you, saying you opposed prescription drugs for seniors, they’re going to ANYWAY!

If you voted for the war, they campaigned against you as unpatriotic ANYWAY!

If you voted for Bush’s tax cuts, they campaigned against you as being a “tax and spend” Democrat ANYWAY!

If you voted for the education bill, they campaigned against you as blocking education reform ANYWAY!

If you voted against the minimum wage, they campaign against you as “anti-business” ANYWAY!

If you voted to let 98% of Bush’s judicial nominations through, they say you are an obstructionist blocking Bush’s judicial nominations ANYWAY!

You need to start listening to talk radio, and hear what they are saying about you. It is worse than anything you can imagine, and it is in the public’s ears 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Radio is unabashedly pro-Republican and ridiculing Democrats, and it is repeated and repeated and repeated until even Democrats are repeating their anti-government, pro-corporate messages.

Voting with them isn’t going to help, not even a little bit.