The Lying Baptists have taken over

Monica Goodling, one of the Republican commissars responsible for misleading Congress about the US Attorney firings, is a graduate of Messiah College and Regent University. The goal of Regent University (“The nation’s academic center for Christian thought and action”) is to combine quality education with biblical teachings and produce “Christian leaders who will change the world”.
In other words, it’s a training school for Christian political operatives. The webpage doesn’t mention any affiliation other than with Pat Robertson, but it seems obvious from Goodling’s behavior that these schools are strongholds of the famous Lying Baptists.
God works in wondrous ways. If Jesus could turn water into wine, he can turn crooks into believers and believers into crooks. Praise Him!

1 thought on “The Lying Baptists have taken over

  1. Maybe it should serve as another good example to the left of how the right succeeds the way they do.
    I went to a “peace rally” in town here a couple weeks ago, on the anniversary of the war. We all held candles and sang songs, actually- the first song that was sung was Kumbaya.
    See why we’re getting our asses kicked?
    I got a letter today inviting me to an event some here might have heard of called “Drinking Liberally”. It’s a chance for “Left Wing Wackos” to get drunk and talk about politics among supposedly sympathetic and euphoric minds.
    It actually sounds fun, and I plan to attend, but if they wanna start singing, I’m out of there.

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