The Lesson

The lesson for history to learn from this Korea story (if there is a history after all this is over) is: Never, never give a big speech and declare a group of countries to be “evil,” and say you’re going to attack first, and start preparing to attack one of the countries, unless you’re in a position to do something about it if they BELIEVE YOU! Obviously Korea believed you!

Lesson #2: Don’t put your POLITICAL ADVISOR in charge of your foreign policy and war planning, (even if there IS a Congressional election coming up.)

OK, now, with these Korean activities in mind, I have a message that I’d like you to rush straight to General Rove. You also threatened Iran, and they haven’t forgotten this, and they’re sitting there next to Iraq waiting for our forces to to be preoccupied with that situation. They’re heavily armed, and they’re smart, and they aren’t going to sit and wait for General Rove’s attack, currently planned for October 2004. They’re also figuring out how to fight back. Just like Korea is doing. DUH!

(Also posted at No War Blog.)