The Left Coaster Catches Gallup At It Again!

The Left Coaster: Gallup Is At It Again – Yesterday’s National Poll Had 12% GOP Bias:

After supplying CNN and USA Today with a poll two weeks ago that showed a double-digit Bush lead amongst likely voters that turned out to have a significant bias in its sample favoring the GOP, Gallup did it again yesterday.

Except that yesterday, they not only did it again, they apparently felt that a 7% GOP bias wasn’t good enough. So they perpetrated the same fraud upon the media (including their partners CNN and USAT) and voters and this time used a 12% GOP bias in their likely voter screen. I kid you not.

This raises two questions in my mind:

    1. The pro-Bush results (using a pro-Bush sample) matches a known Karl Rove strategy of convincing people “it’s all over” to demcralize them and lower voting turnout. (Rove sent Bush to campaign in California in the last days before the 2000 election, just to make people think they were SO confident that they were even winning there.) Is Gallup working with Rove? WHY IS GALLUP DOING THIS?

    2. This is exactly what we would expect to happen before the election if there were a conspiracy to undercount Democratic votes in the new voting machines.

Sure, I sound like a nut with a tinfoil hat on. But do you remember that during the 2000 election the exit polls just suddenly DISAPPEARED? And the voting count in places with touch-screen machines did not reflect the polling from just the day before the election? And the differences showed Democrats favored in the polls but Republicans winning, especially in Georgia? This is the kind of statement that the new voting machines encourage because there is no way to verify how people voted. So ANY kind of lunatic conspiracy theory can be floated and can not be knocked down. THIS is what is wrong with these machines. They might be reporting votes accurately, they might not, and there is no way to know. And Gallup might be honestly predicting a 12% greater Republican turnout, and they may be working with Rove, there’s just no way to know.

Steve asks,

“By presenting these polls with this kind of bias, and then ensuring through CNN and USA Today the farthest possible media saturation, why is Gallup not guilty of engaging in a political disinformation campaign?”

Indeed. Combine this with stories like the Ohio Repubicans refusing to allow new voter registrations because the paper is not heavy enough – and other irregularities there (another here), pluss all the news coming out of Florida, and it can start to look like this will not be a legitimate election. Surprise. Watch your backs!