The Last Abortion Clinic

Another public service from Seeing the Forest. Frontline has what looks like a terrific documentary about the success of America’s Reich Wing Theocrats to eliminate abortions and return us to the good old days when a woman’s place was in the home and all white children were above average.
The Last Abortion Clinic: Nov. 08, 2005 at 9pm (click through to check local listings)

(60 minutes) Today, the headlines are filled with speculation about changes in the U.S. Supreme Court and what those changes might mean for abortion — an issue that has divided the country for over 30 years. Heated rhetoric from both sides continues to be heard in courtrooms and on the campaign trail. But while attention is often focused on the arguments, there is another story playing out in local communities.
Pro-life advocates have waged a successful campaign to reduce abortions in many places throughout the country. By using state laws to regulate and limit abortion and by creating their own clinics to offer alternatives to women, they have changed the facts on the ground. On Nov. 8, FRONTLINE investigates the steady decline in the number of physicians and clinics performing abortions and focuses on local political battles in states like Mississippi, where only a single clinic performs the controversial procedure.
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By the way: God Is Pro-Choice and
Freedom Of Choice Is A Fundamental Value

2 thoughts on “The Last Abortion Clinic

  1. Kaine (D) wins VA’s gubernatorial race and Corzine (D) wins NJ’s. St. Paul, Minnesota, in a hilarious turn of events, have ousted their mayor because… he supported Bush in ’04. Yeeeeeha!
    Reason this is on topic? Because even if that one clinic gets closed, it won’t be forever.

  2. A good night for Democrats!
    Unfortunately, a woman’s right to make her own medical decisions is under political assault and the theocrats are winning. Progressives have been too nonchalant about the right’s war against women.

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