The Johnsonian Style

An email I received (sent to Campaign for America’s Future):
Subject line: who is the writing engine for dave johnson’s work

I am aware of writing engines and nationally suggestive content data bases.
If you were not aware of it, which I think would be profound unprofessionalism, writers and blogs are often used in unison to attack or support certain issues.
I have found profound similarities in style nationwide in editorial and content of a few people in what I shall refer to as the johnsonian style and message.
It is obvious that the writing is suggested and that the rhetoric is patterned and predictable.
I was wondering what feed in your group and in particular the editor for dave johnson’s content uses.
I was wondering also if it not to personal, though I think it should be offered on demand for the sake of knowing the edge to propaganda, what religion that editior might be, as it has a clear ringing note for the sake of italian laws and denial of USA Constitutional RIghts under Amendment 13 to be free from forced servility.
It is a bitchyness of people not getting to have the slaves they think they should own for whatever abusive manipulation they think they deserve.
And your writing engine, or automated editiorializations are typical and patterned in that regard.
So thank you for your honest response,
the Response can be email to this address: [email protected]

I think this is why we call them wingnuts.
But it is true, alas, I am a machine, a feed, an automated editorialization. A Johnsonian.

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