The Irrepressible Conflict

Bilmon reminds us why the selection of O’Connor’s replacement is important and why it is important to understand history:

Shall I tell you what this collision means? They who think that it is accidental, unnecessary, the work of interested or fanatical agitators, and therefore ephemeral, mistake the case altogether. It is an irrepressible conflict between opposing and enduring forces, and it means that the United States must and will, sooner or later, become either entirely a slaveholding nation, or entirely a free-labor nation . . . It is the failure to apprehend this great truth that induces so many unsuccessful attempts at final compromises between the slave and free States, and it is the existence of this great fact that renders all such pretended compromises, when made, vain and ephemeral.
William Henry Seward
On the Irrepressible Conflict
October 1858

Kudos to paradox at The Left Coaster for putting the obligatory paeans to O’Connor in perspective, One Down, Four To Go:

Bush vs. Gore makes a total mockery of the law and smashed the integrity of our democracy.
I dare one cogent law mind to come forth and defend Bush vs. Gore. Not one will—not even John Yoo, just 40 miles north of here, will even try. His Dean, the old Republican rep Campbell, cannot either, not a chance.
Ever since that Saturday morning my country has sailed over the cliff to destruction for the start off the new millennia, and this felon traitor to our Democracy O’Connor is one of the five master players who started it all. Good riddance, four to go.
(snip) . . . I don’t understand the decorum involved in stabling this beast forever, it baffles me there seems to be some kind of mass denial about it, and I’m angry she seems to be skating away with it yet again. O’Connor answered to no one, and never will, over Bush vs. Gore. Here, at least in this tiny space and time, she is held accountable for the horrors of George Bush.

2 thoughts on “The Irrepressible Conflict

  1. Thanks for posting that. The country’s moved so far to the right since that decision that it’s easy to forget that she’s hardly some star-studded voice of reason!

  2. The 60s scared the elite very badly. Consequently, this has been a 30 year drive to bring America to the malleable center. It is being subtly accomplished by exposig the sheeple to these extremists in the Cheney administration. When they are replaced with “centrists” like O’Connor on the court and elsewhere, the sheeple will be “relieved” to have such reasonable people in charge. Of course by then, all progressive reforms will have been destroyed; Americans will be exactly where we were 100 years ago and this nation shall once again become one of the few landed gentry and its many slaves….that is, most of us

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