The Iraq War Is Over

With his appearance on Face The Nation, Jack Murtha just drove a stake through the heart of Bush’s immoral war in Iraq.
It’s all over but the shoutin’. The fat lady has packed her bags and gone home. The only thing left to do is bring our troops home and let the Iraqi people put their country back together.

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  1. Thanks for the heads-up. It will probably not surprise you that here in Iowa, the local Sinclair-owned CBS affiliate runs The Coral Ridge Ministries Hour instead of Face the Nation, which is rescheduled to a late-night Sunday slot, when all god-fearing christians should be in bed.

  2. With his appearance on Face The Nation, Jack Murtha just drove a stake through the heart of Bush’s immoral war in Iraq.
    It is now clear that you and yours are engaged in a novel and inventive search for the ‘TRUTH’. Rather than attempting to approach that elusive target head-on, you have gone for the ‘road less travelled’, and have decided to engage in being ever more wrong, ever more often, in the expectation I suppose that an infinite amount of ‘wrong’ will lead to the point of being ‘right’.
    Sort of like finding your way out of a maze by always turning in the same direction. In your case that would, let me guess, be LEFT.
    And now you make a hero out of Murtha who frankly is increasingly coming across as a intellectually challenged over-the-hill politician . Did you happen to catch Mickey Kaus’s evisceration of Murtha’s tired ramblings earlier this week at ‘Kausfiles’?
    No? Well wander on over and take a look before you post another silly exercise such as this. No wonder you guys are wandering in the wilderness. Looks good on you.
    Seeing the forest? I doubt you eveb know what a ‘tree’ reaally is.

  3. Thank-you for sharing your profound insights with STF readers dougf. I don’t know why you are so harsh on Congressman John Murtha, he speaks quite highly of you.
    I can’t imagine where I got the crazy idea that Congressman John Murtha’s vast experience in the areas of defense and national security gives him any credibility at all.
    Silly me.

  4. Guess that old web-surfing can be a little much when you are out to save the world from the evils of Bush. So much to do; so little time.
    Being as how it’s Christmas, here is a a gift to you from me. Now you can do all your shopping for clueless Congressmen at one spot. No need to thank me—- It’s Christmas. The Time For Giving.
    Murtha vs. Murtha: Rep. Murtha on the prospects of an Iraqi civil war:
    “There’s a civil war going. We’re caught in between a civil war right now. Our troops are the targets of the civil war. They’re the only people that could have unified the various factions in Iraq. And they’re unified against us.” –ABC’s This Week, 12/4/05
    “Why should I believe what the CIA says about what’s happening in Iraq, that there’s going to be a civil war? First of all, al Qaeda was wrong. It was wrong on the nuclear stuff. It was wrong on everything they have said over there. So why should I believe that there’s going to be a civil war?”same show, a few moments later.
    Rep. Murtha on whether the Iraqis will throw us out:
    “The military won a military victory. They got rid of Saddam Hussein. …[snip] … Now, it’s got to be a political win. They have to win this politically. The Iraqis themselves. We’ll stay there forever. The Iraqis are never going to say turn it over. We can’t allow them to say when it’s gonna turn it over.”–This Week, 12/4/05
    “You’re gonna see the Iraqis clamoring. Listen, anybody we support in Iraq loses the election. And so they’re gonna be clamoring for us to get out.”same show, a few moments later.
    Now that there’s some insightful thinkin’ from Rep.Murtha. DNC Chairman position — here he comes.

  5. while Dubya wants to bring democracy and stability to the Middle East, the only way to achieve that goal is for the U.S. armed forces to get out of Iraq. Iraq is the worst place to fight a battle for regional stability. Whose interests were best served by the U.S. invasion of Iraq in the first place? It turns out that Iran and al-Qaida benefited the most, and that continues to be true every day U.S. forces remain there. Bush has in fact turned a relatively secukar nation into a radical Islamic paradise with our troops as easy targets for an insurgency that is all too happy to use them for target practice. The military victory is on the scoreboard, Bush squandered a political victory. We can leave soon, saving american and iraqi lives or just stay until whenever so the fighting 101st Internet Wing-nut Brigade can talk about how resolute they are from the comfort of their lazyboys. Learn to be a patriot and think of our troops first and your egos secound.

  6. dougf: Please go away. You may also wish to discuss adjusting your meds with your psych tech on your next scheduled visit to your County Mental Health Ward. Nothing you say is either coherent or rational.

  7. Thank-you Cpk Lancaster. Sometimes it is necessary to point out the obvious. Of course there is very little that can be added to what critics like Richard Clark, Jack Ritter and Gen. Zinni have been saying from the very beginning. In fact, this may be a very good time to revisit a speech that Gen. Zinni made in 2002, at the Center for Defense Information prior to Bush’s immoral and illegal invasion of iraq.

  8. I have to wonder if dougf has ever been on active duty in our military. These neocons are quick to put other people’s kids in harms way. Perhaps they should bring back the draft so these spoiled brat sons and daughters of neocons can get a chance to dodge bombs in Iraq too. If that ever happens, let’s see how long they support Bush’s war. Hypocrites.

  9. If Bush does call for the troops to leave Iraq, who do you think he will invade next? Iran maybe? We really don’t have to worry about a civil war breaking out if we leave, that is already happening. The only reason Bush would keep us in Iraq is:
    1. He’s just too immature to admit he was wrong.
    2. He, too rigid and inflexible to make a change
    3. Chaney and Rove (the real power behind the
    real power behind the throne) won’t let him.
    4. He’s not finished beating the hell out of
    Iraq before going on with the next step of
    global domination.
    5. All of the above.

  10. Exactly right banjopuk. The list of nations the neo-cons are itching to invade stretches around the world. There have been any number of indications that they have their eye on South America as well as the Middle East. Iran, Syria, Venezuela, perhaps France. Who knows? With the neo-con mindset is impossible to predict.
    It is imperative that we bring back a discussion of the War Powers Act to restrain the natural tendency of the Executive branch to start a war. This whole sorry episode has demonstrated that Congress lacks the moral courage to compensate for the ability of the Executive branch to beat the patriotic war drums.

  11. Now that Iran owns the south of Iraq and it’s oil feilds I think we had better put our troops on a plane home now before the SAMs Iran bought from Russia come online.

  12. Murtha, as dougx knows, is especially important because he started out taking Bush seriously. A big mistake, but now he’s changed his mind. Something that dougx never does.

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