The Government Must Bail Out Blogs

I just came from a briefing by leading economists who explained what is about to happen to the country because there are so few advertisements and donations coming in to the blogs. You would not believe the hush that came over the room as they described the effects on working people as they get laid off, thrown out of their houses, their cars and clothes taken from them, they are denied food except for oatmeal and small bugs, and their children are taken from them to work in government mines.
It is imperative that the Congress come up with a bailout plan, and it must happen within 48 hours, or the very worst will happen — and it will be the Democrats’ fault!
The blogs require an immediate infusion of $300 billion dollars, and it must happen right away, or things beyond your imagination (and mine, apparently) will happen to all of us. We absolutely must avoid this. Immediately, within 48 hours at the very latest, this money must be allocated and provided.
Update – about 5 minutes after posting this I came across this post by Sirota.