The Flip-Flopper Accusation

I want to say a few words about the Bush campaign’s accusation that Kerry is a “flip-flopper.” A number of bloggers and others have pointed to the many instances of Bush flip-flopping, and how Kerry is actually very consistent in his positions, and saying this shows that the charge is bogus and Bush is a hypocrite. This misses the point. The point is that they accuse Kerry of being a flip-flopper because Bush is. Think about it.

Going into the election, Bush strategists had to look at where Bush’s weakest points are. Obviously Bush’s repeatedly saying one thing and doing another was going to be an issue in the campaign. So how to fight that? Accuse Kerry of it before he can say it about Bush! And look how well it works: the campaign focused on whether Kerry is a flip-flopper or not rather than on Bush’s obvious inconsistencies.