The Fetus and Child Protect ion Act: Progressives fight back Rove-style

What began as a question on DailyKos, migrated to a thread on Ruth’s Group and is now a piece of draft legislation at mansworldnot. It is a Rovian attack designed to split the Republican Alliance, strengthen Democratic supporters, block attempts to ban abortion, and in general demoralize the rapture right.

It’s time for Dems to co-opt the culture of life and drive a wedge between the rapture right and republican corporations. How? Consider: the only value question dems and reps agee on in polls is the dishonesty of corporate executives. We can take advantage of this by reframing the question of abortion thus:
– the cause of abortion is unwanted pregnancy
– programs that increase unwanted pregnancies must be banned and programs that reduce unwanted pregnancies must be funded
– the best source of funds are repeal of tax cuts for corporations and the impostion of surtaxes on runaway corporations
This reframes the debate and forces Member of Congress to choose between their faithful who want to do anything that will reduce abortions, and their corporate paymasters who want to do anything to not pay their fair share of taxes. Read the bill and send it on

6 thoughts on “The Fetus and Child Protect ion Act: Progressives fight back Rove-style

  1. I’ve been thinking about writing a blog on abortion but wasn’t sure it fit with Seeing the Forest. This is off the top of my head, but the whole issue is a manufactured lie. Abortion wasn’t illegal in this country until 1879. That’s important and very few people seem to be aware of this. Abortion wasn’t considered immoral or made illegal to protect the “unborn” but because doctors resented the power and skills of midwives, who traditionally looked after women’s reproductive health, including childbirth, contraception, and abortion. Don’t think for a minute that there weren’t safe and effective methods of both contraception and abortion; these were available since antiquity.
    The church had sanctioned abortion and contraception since antiquity. There was no concept that the soul inhabited the body from conception. Various dates were proposed through the centuries for when the soul entered the body, but the concern was making sure that any live, soulful babies likely to die in childbirth got baptized so their souls wouldn’t end up in limbo. There was no ban on either contraception or abortion until the church began to suffer a drastic loss of membership; the point was originally practical, not moral.
    The anti-abortion movement has always been political, not moral.

  2. thanks MJ, especially for mentioning the Roman Catholic Church’s changing attitude towards the ‘unborn’!
    And thanks for the post, Patrick!

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