The Escalation

Surge is a focus-group word, designed to sell an escalation of the war. The strategy is to deflect the incoming Democrats’ argument for winding down the war by offering the opposite. And look what we are all discussing. This places “stay the course” as the reasonable middle ground.
It is ALWAYS about appearances and political strategies not reality or the good of the country with this crowd.
EVERYone said from the start that 250-500,000 troops would be needed to occupy Iraq. Bush didn’t do this because sending that many troops would undermine political support for the Republican Party. With enough troops there could have been a peaceful Iraq following our illegal invasion. The Iraqi people have paid the real price for this – not us. Yes, we have lost over 3,000 troops dead and how many injured and how many “contractors” and how much money? But the Iraqi people have suffered the loss of hundreds of thousands and of the possibility of going on with their lives in peace – and are instead entering into a horrible civil war because of Bush’s choices.
Bush has not asked for tax increases to pay for the war, either. Because it would undermine political support for the party. Instead he offered candy – tax cuts.
Party over country.
Bush and his surrogates say we are fighting “Islamofascism” and it is the worst threat America has ever faced – and then says “go shopping.” Fight the worst threat the nation has ever faced by going shopping? Because any kind of sacrifice would undermine support for the Republican Party. Meanwhile fear changes the way people think, and leads much of the population to more easily accept the authoritarian agenda of the right.
Party over country.
In the face of the worst threat the nation has ever faced, and declining readiness of our military – “stretched too thin” – Bush does not ask for a draft to protect the country. Because that would be politically unpopular and undermine support for the Republican Party.
No draft to protect the country. No taxes to pay for the war. No lowering of oil use to cut finding to terrorists states. Nothing that might undermine support for the Republican Party.
Party over country at every turn.

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  1. I’m afraid you’ve got it exactly right. This is also a ploy to put the Democrats on the defensive and to make it clear that the public, i.e. us, you and me and everyone who voted Democratic and thus elected a new Democratic Congress, is really powerless with no control over the situation and nothing to say about it that will make any difference.

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