The End Is Near… for the Republicans

The latest Gallup Poll shows that, when asked who they will most likely vote for in November, 53% of those surveyed picked Democrats, and just 39% Republicans. 59% of those polled also said that President Bush can no longer manage the government effectively (as if he ever could). 65% of those surveyed want the troops to start coming home.
The article in question, from “Editor & Publisher”, also points out that public opinion settling on “get out of Iraq ASAP” has happened in the face of a virtual editorial blackout by major American newspapers. This demonstrates that the neo-con radical right’s tactic of suppressing media coverage has finally lost its effectiveness. There is hope. The Mighty Wurlitzer has broken down.
Seriously: it would appear that the country is no longer split right down the middle, but rather that a decisive shift towards our position has been made. 53% to 39% is just huge… if the Republicans go into November with this kind of disadvantage, we could be looking at a six year itch of historic proportions… potentially a wipe out on the scale of the “Progressive Conservatives” in Canada a few years back.
P.S. Bush is on the verge of outdoing Nixon in unpopularity.

2 thoughts on “The End Is Near… for the Republicans

    Ed Schultz is of the philosophy that we sit back for a while and let the GOP self-destruct on their own. I agree, except for the sitting back part. All our campaign energy needs to be spent on raising awareness of the voter fraud that will render all of these polls completely worthless.
    (Especially after the staged attack that will no doubt happen in the weeks before Election Day.)

  2. Yes but they still control the voting machines and that is why we will be faced with GOP rule through 08 and likely beyond.
    If they can start a war on lies, loose it, then lie about it again, out a CIA undercover operative for political revenge, fail Americans in the wake of KAtrina, then I don’t see how the Democratic party will raise much of a fuss over a stolen election or two or three or..

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