The Dirty Tricksters Win Again: More on Ritter

The post below made me take a walk through memory lane back to the pre-war anti-war days.

Anyway, here‘s a link to my post on the story about Ritter back in January of 2003.

If you recall, this whole thing sounded like something Nixon’s Dirty Tricksters would do. I had forgotten that Thomas Spargo, the judge in the case, was likely the culprit — the guy who broke the law in other words.

Here’s a bit of the post:

The timing is, of course, very suspicious. On the eve of a war against Iraq this has all the appearances of an attempt to silence or at least discredit one of the more effective critics of the administration. First of all, the records in this case were sealed and whoever leaked them to the press was quite simply breaking the law. They have also violated Ritter’s civil rights as well.

Now, also suspiciously, U.S. attorneys William Pericak and Thomas Spina, Jr. have decided the government may pursue federal charges against Ritter based on what they have heard in the press about Ritter’s alleged rendezvous attempt. Pericak and Spina have received a copy of Ritter’s file in the New York case just today it appears.

Of course, the most curious thing of all is who the judge in Ritter’s case in 2001 was — his judge was a fellow named Thomas J. Spargo. Spargo is not exactly a household name but, if you recall from a couple of years back, he’s a well-known Republican lawyer and activist who played a role in the mob demonstration that shut down the vote-counting in Miami during the recount battle of 2000. In fact, I recall it was quite controversial that he took part in this disgraceful demonstration since he was serving as a judge at the same time in New York. Anyway, Spargo is the judge who put the seal on Ritter’s record in 2001 and, presumably, was in charge of making sure that none of this information was made public.

Why haven’t W and the “law and order” Republicans put someone in jail over this?

You and I know the answer, don’t we?