“The Democrats”

The Democrats is not a they, it is a US. No change is going to happen if you think it’s something that someone else is going to do for you. Think about what YOU are DOING to make the change.
A few years ago I wrote about how I felt foolish the first time setting up a Register to Vote table at a local supermarket.

It can feel embarrassing, because we are so primed to think of activists as “whacko liberals,” or “aging hippies,” or so many other negative, ridiculing images. I had this problem when I started registering voters earlier this year. I had a card table and a chair and a sign, and I set up in a public place, and I felt ridiculous. But after I sat down at that table and started talking to people I got over it and I felt GREAT about what I was doing because I knew how important it was and because so many people were telling me they were very glad to see “someone” out there doing this important work! ( It hadn’t occurred to them to be out there doing this important work. No one seems to see themselves as someone who can get things done.)
If you are reading this, then you are probably concerned about the things going on with the government. I think they are too important to just sit back and quietly let them continue. I think it is time to speak up, even if you risk feeling foolish. You should be talking to people, e-mailing them, and asking them to get active as well.

So go out an talk to people. Be a pest. Make an effort. Make it a change in your life. It’s important.
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2 thoughts on ““The Democrats”

  1. Thanks, I needed that… just got off the phone with my brother, and he mentioned my blog and said he liked it except for when I got “too political”. He said I was “pretty out there”.
    Well, what can you do. He thinks it doesn’t matter who is in charge, I think it does matter. Perhaps if enough of us do speak up, act for what we believe in, it will help people realize that it does matter.

  2. We’d better become activists. It’s somewhere close to too late. In a way I feel frustrated living in NYC, especially in my neighborhood where everybody is already a democrat. But getting people to speak their minds and go vote is important, too. We’ve got an election coming up soon.

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