The Dean Blogging Controversy

I’ve been gone all day at MacWorld Expo. I’m back and I see that this Dean Blogging controversy has . broken . out . all over.

An observation. The “Republican Noise Machine” threw out some trashthis ridiculous storyto get us all talking about something other than who ELSE besides Armstrong Williams was on the take — AND IT WORKED. DOH! So tomorrow let’s all get back on the story about who else the Right is paying, and how much they are paying, and stick with it. It’s a big story and it has “legs” with average people, and if we keep at it, it will lead somewhere.

I would like to hear what Dean has to say about it. (Simon Rosenberg blogged about it.) The story is more about Dean and his campaign than about bloggers doing anything wrong. Thinking they could buy bloggers for $3,000? AND NOT EVEN TELLING THE BLOGGERS THEY WERE TRYING TO BUY THEM OFF? Heh.

And if they were tryng to buy off two bloggers, why so cheap? — on the Right someone as far from the mainstream as Armstrong Williams gets $240,000, and we KNOW that’s only the tip of the iceberg even with Williams! That was probably just his payoff for the one year. That says a LOT right there, in my opinion. “Our side” is just too cheap to win anything.