The Courts

Meanwhile, just today, Appeals court faces split: REPUBLICANS PUSHING TO DIVIDE 9TH CIRCUIT,

…opponents say the legislation is a thinly veiled attempt by Republicans to stock the federal bench with more conservative judges and diminish the influence of what has long been regarded as the country’s most liberal court.

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  1. This is another blatant powergrab. The federal courts have all been stacked by Republicans. From The Legacy of the Gipper’s Appointments:

    At the end of October, even after seven years of a Democratic administration, and the confirmation of 325 Clinton appointees to the federal bench, Republican-appointed federal judges outnumbered Democrat appointees 614 to 571. That imbalance has not been helped by the fact that it now takes roughly 201 days–compared to 38 days during the Carter administration–to shepherd a candidate through the thoroughly partisan Senate confirmation process. (At the end of October there was a backlog of 42 Clinton nominees awaiting confirmation to the federal judiciary.) A once-tenuous 5-4 conservative majority on the Supreme Court has crystallized into a consistent, reliable voting block. And conservative district court judges (the trial court judges who occupy the lowest rung in the federal court system) and circuit court judges (the appellate judges who occupy the middle level between federal trial courts and the Supreme Court) have developed increasingly aggressive tactics to achieve their ends. The result has been a growing body of conservative law which, because it is championed by lifetime-tenured judges and inscribed in precedents that are difficult (sometimes impossible) for legislatures to overturn, looks to extend the Reagan legacy well into the next century.

    At the same time that they have been stacking the federal courts, the RWNM continues to complain about “liberal judges” who are outnumbered everywhere except the 9th Circuit. The 2nd Circuit is greatly overstacked with activist conservative judges who “make law” from the bench. The shame is that the M$M, and the passive neglect of the Democratic Party, have allowed conservatives to have their cake and eat it too, as they move the federal courts back to reactionary late 19th century judicial doctrines.
    Biden should be expelled from the Democratic Party, along with any other idiot Democrat who preaches the neo-con lie about activist liberal judges, original intent or textualism.

  2. Biden should be expelled from the Democratic Party
    And the purge of those deemed “ideologically impure” by the far-left continues…

  3. For crying out loud Pericles, how many members of the GOP can reasonably be considered “moderate” in the current Congress? I’d say the far-right has done its own purging of the “ideologically impure” for far too long for you to be pissing over this. (You might want to recall how Arlen Specter nearly lost his chairmanship because he had the audacity to not be a right-wing extremist. Of course, given your proclivities to ignore anything that doesn’t fit in with your right-wing extremist views, you probably didn’t even hear about that little incident.)
    Go take your trolling little behavior somewhere it might be appreciated and where opposing views aren’t allowed at all.

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