The Coming Republican Campaign For Medicare Buy-In

Step one of health care reform has passed. Republicans vow to campaign on repealing it, which means that from now until the election they will use all of their communication channels to tell the public about all the problems with the health care bill. This is an opportunity. We have to tell the public that the answer to the problems the Republicans describe is not repeal, it is Medicare Buy-In, leading to Medicare-For-All.
Like the Iraq War there are facts and there are Republican lies. Over time facts catch up with lies. In spite of what the Republicans had most of the country believing, over time the public came to understand that Iraq did not attack us on 9/11. Over time the public came to understand that Iraq was not preparing to attack us with nukes.
And just as with Iraq, over time the public will come to understand that Republicans have lied to them about health care. There are no “death panels.” There is no “government takeover.” Etc. Over time the public will become comfortable with the reform that has passed and it will become unthinkable to go back.
The coming Republican campaign to turn the public against items in the legislation should be answered by saying this is why we now need to add Medicare Buy-In before it takes effect. As Republicans proceed with their campaign to knock down the legislation we must make the solution a choice between going back to the bad old ways, and adding Medicare Buy-In.