The Coming Orchestrated Campaign Against Democrats

Here is my prediction for the national political environment, once summer ends.
This fall President Bush will veto a number of spending bills, saying that they spend too much money. This will be accompanied by a huge, orchestrated media campaign blasting out the message: “We told you so. Now that Democrats are in charge they have gone wild with spending.”
It simply will not matter what is actually in those bills. Everywhere you go, every radio station you tune in to, every op-ed page you look at, every cable-TV channel you watch, you will hear over and over again that “The Democrats loaded up all the spending bills with billions and billions of dollars of pork.”
There will also be an orchestrated campaign to convince the public that Democrats are making their taxes go up – because of the spending.
By the way, I also expect that through 2008 there will be many highly-publicized indictments of Democrats in key voting regions. We know that the Justice Department has been politicized, and so far for all the noise and complaints nothing has been done about that. There is a reason the Republicans wanted “their people” in the prosecutor jobs, and that is so they can act in ways that influence the voters.
And there’s Iraq. How many ways will the coming fiasco be blamed on Democrats?
Question: We know it is coming. What can be done to counter this?

2 thoughts on “The Coming Orchestrated Campaign Against Democrats

  1. I am bookmarking this link, in the hope that I’ll remember it this fall. I think that the Speaker’s desire to do positive things instead of impeaching plays smack into the hands of these evildoers. Impeachment, on the other hand, brings the ‘Publican machine into the forefront.
    We should preemptively strike first, with impeachment.
    I think that the biggest difficulty here is persuading the Democrats to fight back when it happens, rather than fall to the ground with a bemused expression on their collective visage.

  2. How many billions is this administration spending daily on its Iraq war? It ain’t the Democrats who are the wild spenders. Gather the real facts and present them!

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