The Clinton Record – Let’s Not Forget

[Got this from the VoteNader web site.

Thought some of you read meat types might want to rip into it. Personally, I could name a half-dozen other things not mentioned here off the top of my head, starting with “Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell”, and DOMA (the “Defense of Marriage Act”, that pissed me off… -Thomas]

During the flurry of mass media attention being devoted this week to

Bill Clinton and his large book, it is well not to forget the poor

record of his Administration. Below is an appendix from Crashing the

Party that lists twenty actions and inactions during those eight years

that George W. Bush and Dick Cheney would have approved.

Wouldn’t President George W. Bush and Vice President Dick

Cheney have done the same thing?

What the Clinton-Gore administration did:

  1. Promoted legislation for welfare reform that ended the federal safety

    net and put many children at risk.
  2. Lobbied, with big business, NAFTA and GATT into law against labor,

    consumer, environmental, and human-rights groups.
  3. Expanded corporate welfare programs.
  4. Approved dozens of giant mergers in the chemical, oil, drug, defense,

    agribusiness, media, HMO, hospital, auto, banking and other financial

  5. Encouraged larger military weapons exports by the private munitions

    companies using taxpayer subsidies and approved many costly, redundant

    weapons programs.
  6. Supported a bloated military budget, post-Soviet Union, driven more

    by defense industry greed than national security needs.
  7. Failed to enforce laws against corporate crime, fraud, and abuse.
  8. Gave away to corporations massive taxpayers assets in natural

    resources, scientific, health, space, and other R&D areas.
  9. Bailed out, with taxpayer billions, reckless foreign governments and

    oligarchies through the IMF.
  10. Opened up large areas of Northern Alaska for oil and gas drilling

    and supported the destruction by coal companies of mountaintops in

  11. Gave the auto companies an eight-year holiday from higher fuel

    efficiency auto safety standards.
  12. Signed legislation eroding civil liberties and produced a record

    that commentators called “abysmal.”
  13. Under-enforced the civil rights laws while orating for them.
  14. Backed large corporate prison expansions and failed to address

    discriminatory patterns of criminal justice enforcement.
  15. Supported dictatorships and oligarchies that have suppressed their

  16. Continued the deep sleep of the regulatory agencies at the expense

    of health, safety, and economic assets of consumers and workers.
  17. Favored big agribusiness over the family farmer.
  18. Subsidized and gave the biotechnology industry insulation from

  19. Raised large amounts of money from almost every corporate interest

    and let big money continue to nullify honest elections.
  20. Opposed ways and means to facilitate consumers, workers, taxpayer’s,

    and investors banding together for self-defense.