The Christian Right

Mary at Pacific Views: What Does the Christian Right Want?
Mary lays out the case, and you should read it.

Although many people know the Religious Right is very influential in the Bush administration, not so many know what their goals are in the long run. Their goals are nothing less than the destruction of our democratic society and the imposition of a society that would harshly punish unruliness, dissent and any disobedience to the rule of the theocrats – those who they believe God put in charge.

It’s for real. Don’t ignore them. They mean it.
Watch your backs.

1 thought on “The Christian Right

  1. Excellent article, and you’d better take it seriously that the Religious Right is deadly serious about its agenda. It’s hard for us to believe they’d actually advocate things like stoning as a proper punishment, but if it’s good enough for the O.T. it’s good enough for modern society. Back to the, uh, stone age if we’re not careful, and things are bad enough now!

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