The Check Arrived

Looks like Microsoft made sure their check to the RNC arrived on time.

You can not purchase a computer that has Windows and another OS installed. You can not purchase a computer with a non-Microsoft word processor or spreadsheet or database program installed.

The proof is in the pudding. Does the Microsoft settlement open up competition? Answer – not a single competitor has received funding since the settlement. In the time since the “settlement” almost all Microsoft’s competitors in these areas have been wiped out. There will be no incentive to invest in a competing company. Companies in areas that Microsoft is thinking of entering will not receive funding.

Everyone will pay more for computers and software. Windows is the most expensive single component in a computer. Microsoft Office costs more than $400 and you can’t really use a computer without it.

But the worst part of this is that it demonstrates that the best way to deal with America’s justice system is to pay cash to the Republican Party, not to follow the law.