The Cayman Islands Is Part Of Why We Don’t Have Health Care

The Cayman Islands is part of what we don’t have health care. Does that sound like a bizarre statement? Well, read this: A Lot of Our Money Is Buried in the Cayman Islands — Let’s Get It Back,

The Senate Permanent Investigations subcommittee puts the annual tax loss at $100 billion; Treasury sets the figure at $123 billion. Collecting those lost billions could mean that Americans could pay no withholding tax from November 15 to December 31; it could pay for healthcare for about 20 million of the roughly 50 million Americans without health insurance.
. . . Congress should pass a law funding pursuit of every major tax cheat, just as we pursue every killer, rapist and drug dealer. Using offshore accounts to cheat the government out of $50,000 or more for two or more years should be made a felony per se. Then let’s provide an escape hatch, which would spare prosecution of anyone who fesses up and fully pays taxes, penalties and interest. The same law should make public the name and details of every person or company that skips the opportunity to make things right.

Why do we tolerate these offshore tax and corporate scams? Why don’t we just put an end to it — and get better schools, health care, etc. out of the deal?

2 thoughts on “The Cayman Islands Is Part Of Why We Don’t Have Health Care

  1. Are you kidding me? We spend hundreds of billions of dollars every year bombing foreign countries and you want to go after a tax haven for health care revenue? End the wars and then we’ll talk health care. Let’s see what the Republocrats in charge really want: to take care of the people or extend our empire.
    And don’t even try to tell me that the DNC is the party of peace, unless you want to make me laugh.
    And don’t try to pass the blame on the other side of the aisle. The Democrats have done nothing but INCREASE military spending since they’ve held Congress and now the White House. Cowards and losers all of them on both sides.

  2. Enron sponsored Bush’s inaugural ball where reporting requirements are relaxed. They had more than 750 off-shore energy partnerhsips and paid ZERO corp income taxes their last five years of existence. It remains cheaper to buy politicians than pay taxes. Remember, Agnew went for $20,000.

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