The Camel’s Nose

I wanted to write about this, but Elayne says it:

I wanted to put in my two cents, having grown up Jewish in a very Christian neighborhood.
I don’t know what religions Matt and Kevin and Ezra practice or grew up with, but I’ll bet they’re majority ones. Mine wasn’t.
[. . .] When I was a kid I faced a hell of a lot of anti-Semitism, from having stones and eggs thrown at our house when we dared to put up Chanukah decorations, to being chased home by mobs or surrounded by kids on bikes and pinned to a tree until the tree-bugs started crawling all over me and… Sorry, the memories are still pretty painful, even 40 years later.

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5 thoughts on “The Camel’s Nose

  1. Thanks so much, Dave! It actually didn’t quite come out like I wanted it to – I blame being rushed to go to the Ninth Ave Food Fest today. I hadn’t meant to quite put down the backgrounds of Kevin and Ezra and Matt as much as I did; I think it’s more a matter of life experience and perhaps generational experience (although Kevin’s older than me) than what religion you’re born into. But it kinda bothered me that they just didn’t think freedom from religion-being-shoved-in-one’s-face wasn’t that big a deal.

  2. I think what we need to do is have the various religions beat up on each other.
    Have the 10 Commandments on display in the city ssquare – just have a state-wide or nation-wide stanndard chosen by two-thirds vote of of a special committee made up of representatives of every religion in the nation, with each religions’ number of representatives not to exceed the percentage of the members of that religiion. That includes Muslims, Atheists and Budhists, etc. All representatives must provide full financial disclosure to include for five years or more after the deliberations, so the Republican extremists can’t buy votes.
    Then choose Jewish, Catholic, or Protestent version of the 10 comandments, and choose the language – Aramiac, Hebrew, Greek, Latin, or English.
    The reason for separation of Church and State would be very clear early on.

  3. Yeah. Having grown up half-Jewish I had my face smashed no matter what kind of neighborhood we lived in. I remember getting up early to wash the swastikas and “kike” off the sidewalk before my parents got up because if my Jewish daddy saw them he’d run around the neighborhood waving a gun. In Jewish neighborhoods it was my mother who got the benefit of the bigotry, and of course since I was both so did I. I think we have to make a point of enforcing tolerance, the hate crime law is a good thing because hate IS a crime, and separation of church and state has to be enforced, regardless. Every little bit matters terribly.

  4. I don’t know what religions Matt and Kevin and Ezra practice or grew up with, but I’ll bet they’re majority ones.
    Although I’m not sure I agree with them, FWIW, Matt and Ezra are both Jewish.

  5. “That includes Muslims, Atheists and Budhists, etc.”
    Ummm…Atheism isn’t a religion, Atheists don’t have a belief system.
    BTW, we aren’t organized and don’t charge dues so there wouldn’t be any finances to nose around in.
    So kindly leave us out of your solution, if you will.

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