The Calls

It appears that voters in districts around the country are receiving election calls at all hours.
IN ADDITION to the push polls, Republicans are receiving pleasant calls during the day encouraging them to show up and vote, and the calls are very finely targeted to the things that voter is likely to care about, based on information about the voter that is collected through “data mining.” (This is called “microtargeting.”)
Independent voters and Democrats are receiving calls that SAY they are from the Democratic candidate, but really are not. “Hi I am so-and-so, the Democratic candidate for Congress.” Then there is a pause. If the voter does not hang up the voter hears a smear message about the Democrat. If the voter DOES hang up, they are called again and again, late into the night, even at 5 or 6 in the morning, and the voice says, “Hi I am so-and-so, the Democratic candidate for Congress.” The idea is to make voters angry at the Democratic candidate, thinking the candidate was calling them over and over at all hours.
I suspect that almost NO ONE is those key districts is going to show up to vote for that Democratic candidate.

1 thought on “The Calls

  1. I haven’t had that particular Republican harassment. Most of the calls I’ve gotten from Democrats have been legitimate calls from Democrats, but everybody knows that the Democrats are so far in the lead in NYC there’s not much point to harassing anyone. The somewhat odd calls I’ve been getting are from Democratic candidates encouraging me to vote for them on a third party for which they’re also on the ballot. I’ve gotten a lot of those, and I’m suspicious of it; I’m gonna vote Democratic.
    I’m so glad this election season ends tomorrow! Being bombarded by all those endless slime ads from both sides is enough to make a sensitive soul say: A Pox on both your houses! I HATE the way we’re conducting elections now.

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