The Bush Voter’s World

Sent to me without attribution. Click on image for larger version. This was originally titled, “The American World”, but I have this naive hope that at least a bare majority of the non-Bush voters have some slightly greater knowledge of the world around them…

5 thoughts on “The Bush Voter’s World

  1. Oh, please! That is NOT an empty place! It is so obviously a zebra! After all, zebras, lions, and people who are minimally clothed are all that’s in Africa, if my memory of National Geographic serves me.

  2. I hate to dash those hopes, Thomas, but supposedly intelligent lefty bloggers have been confusing, for instance, Holland and Denmark all week. If I see another blog post about the “DUTCH cartoon controversy” I might do harmful things to my computer screen. We Americans are just plain provincial, no matter what our political stripe.

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