The Bush Defense

The defense of the Bush administration against the charges by former Treasury Secretary Paul O’Neill that they began planning the Iraq invasion immediately upon taking office is breaking down into two camps:

1) O’Neill is a liar. He is a disgruntled employee who was fired for incompetence, who nobody ever listened to anyway, and who is lying to get back at Bush for firing him. Quote: “A senior administration official said O’Neill’s “suggestion that the administration was planning an invasion of Iraq days after taking office is laughable. Nobody listened to him when he was in office. Why should anybody now?”

2) Of course we did it. The stated policy of the administration, and the previous administration, was regime change in Iraq, and the Bush administration would have been remiss to NOT be planning to invade Iraq. (I guess this covers the bases, for those who don’t fall for the smears on O’Neill’s credibility…)

So they would be remiss if they weren’t planning a war, and anyone who says they were planning a war is an incompetent liar.

See the forest: they lie. They just lie. Look at what they DO and ignore everything they say. Remember, before the war, when they were running their “marketing campaign,” they had us all arguing about whether there were weapons of mass destruction in Iraq, and whether that necessitated our immediate invasion. And for many of us, that’s where our focus went.

Update – (And smear people. They do that, too.)

Update 2 – (Oh yeah, they steal, too.)

Update 3 – (Cheating. I forgot cheating. Definitely cheaters.)

Update 4 – (Right. Hypocrites. Sorry.)

Update 5 – (Sorry, I’m not going to say “poo-poo heads” in my weblog. No matter how many e-mails you send.)