The Bush Defense — Just Lie

I’m listening to Rush Limbaugh. He’s saying that the story about the 380 tons of explosives is … a lie. He’s saying this is an attempt by “the liberal media” to affect the election, and that the explosives were gone before the war. He’s just making shit up.

This is how Bush defends himself — just lie. Just lie. Spend hundreds of millions of dollars on lies, and the right’s infrastructure spends hundreds of millions ore just lying. And when anyone tries to alert the public they launch a loud smear campaign to destroy the messenger, like terrorism advisor Richard Clarke or Ambassador Joe Wilson or Treasury Secretary O’Neill… Then they tell the public not to believe the mainstream press, as Bush did during the final debate.

Democracy is gone — history. The Congress has not done their job of oversight and has not investigated a single thing the Administration has done; the Justice Department has stopped investigations of crimes committed by Republicans; the Federalist Society court appointments have dismissed lawsuits and stopped investigations; the ideologues in the Defense Department have purged any opposition to their war plans; the Right’s media has misled the public about crucial facts. And now the Democrats in the Senate have gone along and allowed a partisan to take control of the CIA and he is purging non-ideologues.

They just lie, and smear anyone who gets in their way.