The Blogroll

The blogroll is back – Blogrolling seems to be working again. (The blogroll is the list of blogs that go down the left column, beginning part of the way down the page.)
Let’s see if we can clean it up a bit. You can help out by clicking several of the links and if they are not current please leave a comment here and I’ll remove the listing. In the meantime you will likely discover a GREAT new place for information or entertainment.
And of course if you know of good blogs that ought to be on the blogroll, leave a comment about that, too.
My philosophy is that we are all in this together, and the more of us that link to each other the better. This helps people discover new ideas.

2 thoughts on “The Blogroll

  1. Looks great to me; now if you’d only expand your RSS feed again so you had full feeds there, I could actually read your blog posts more often. 😉

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