The Base Or New Voters Discussion

This is part of a something I posted over at the american street.

In the last few days several weblogs have written about, and many, many readers have left comments about whether it is better for the Democrats to “move left” and appeal to “the base,” to “move right” and appeal to the “middle,” or to try to get “new voters.”

Here are some of the weblog posts, hopefully in this order (if I have missed any weblogs writing about this issue, please point to them in the comments here AND at the american street!):

John Emerson at Zizka: Why do we Lose? Five Ways the New Dems Hurt the Democrats

Nick Confessore at TAPPED: WHAT NEW VOTERS?

Kevin Drum at Calpundit: New Voters

John Emerson at Seeing the Forest: New Voters and Swing Voters

Kevin Drum at Calpundit: THE BASE vs. THE MIDDLE….

Mathew Yglasias: SWING, SWING

John Emerson at Seeing the Forest: New Voters vs. Swing voters II

South Know Bubba: Swing voters

The Mysterious Atrios: Swing Voters and Nonvoters

The ever-amazing Digby, with The Base, The Base Part II and Swingers

John Emerson again at Seeing the Forest: New Voters vs. Swing Voters III

And a while back, Simon Rosenberg at the New Democrat Network Blog: WE CAN DO BETTER II – THE EMPEROR HAS NO CLOTHES