The Attack on Trial Lawyers and Tort Law

The report The Attack on Trial Lawyers and Tort Law is now available in HTML so you don’t have to download a PDF. It’s broken up into sections. The endnote references work. Later I’ll be adding the ability to click on the endnote itself to take you back to the point where it is referenced.

Here is the Table of Contents, linked into the report itself:

Cover Page, Opening Quote (scroll down) and Table of Contents


Section 1 — Tort Reform Organizations and the Far Right

A Network of Seemingly-Independent Organizations

The Funding Behind the Right-Wing Movement Organizations

Coordination and Interconnection of the Right-Wing Movement Organizations

The Ideology Underlying Tort Reform Arguments

The Political Agenda – Defunding Trial Lawyers

Section 2 — Reaching the Public, Legislators and Judges

Multi-Issue Think Tanks and Communications Organizations

The Right’s Communications Infrastructure

A Broad Campaign, Utilizing Multiple Channels

Coordinated Dissemination of Ideological Messages

The Tactic of Creating Conventional Wisdom

Reaching State Legislatures

Tort Reform Organizations Work to Influence, Elect, and Appoint Supportive Politicians and Judges

Section 3 — Effectiveness of the Tort Reform Campaign

The Right Sets the Public Agenda

Influencing Jurors

Achieving Their Goals

Section 4 — Conclusion

Fighting Back


Appendix 1 — Example Of Coordinated Dissemination of a Strategic Message

Appendix 2 — An Example of Interconnectedness

Appendix 3 — Examples of Ridiculing and Demeaning of Trial Lawyers

Appendix 4 — Examples of the Involvement and Funding of Right-Wing Organizations ThatAdvocate Tort Reform

Appendix 5 — Examples of the Involvement of Organizations That Advocate Tort Reform

Appendix 6 — Examples of State Tort Reform Organizations

Notes & References

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