The American Fascism Act Passed the House

The extension of the Patriot Act passed the House an hour ago:

The final vote was 257-171. The bill makes permanent 14 of 16 provisions in the act set to expire next year and extends two others for another 10 years.

A simple rundown on what the Patriot Act actually does from Bilmon:

And I do mean closed. In some cases, deliberations on Patriot Act renewal themselves have been classified, and closed to both the public and the press. More grist for the Orwellian mill.
I’m not sure when these constitutional abominations are supposed to reach the House and Senate floors. But Sociatas is urging people to contact their elected “representatives” (I can think of some better words) as soon as possible. He includes links to a couple of ACLU pages that allow you to email or look up the phone number for your Senator or People’s Deputy.

The partisan breakdown on the vote:

In the final tally, 14 Republicans bucked Bush and the party leadership to vote against the Patriot Act renewal. Among Democrats, 43 supported it, but 156 voted no.