The Alien and Sedition Act – How soon we forget

“Moderate” Republican and media darling Peter King was on Wolf Blitzer’s The Situation Room following Bush’s speech. According to King, Bush and every other President has the authority to order domestic spying under the Constitution and by statute. King went on to say that if Bush does not currently have the statutory authority to protect the nation in extraordinary times, then Congress should pass a new statute to give him statutory authorization for domestic spying without a court order.
Perhaps King had in mind something like The Alien and Sedition Act. Then criticizing Bush or his policies really would be treason.

2 thoughts on “The Alien and Sedition Act – How soon we forget

  1. That’s not the only time we’ve had sedition laws. There was one during and after WW I, and there was the Internal Security Act, passed over Truman’s veto in 1950, which McCarthey used to go after communists. I can remember having to sign loyalty oaths for years if I wanted to get a job. I haven’t been able to find out when this was repealed, if it ever was, or declared unconstitutional. Frankly I was very surprised when I discovered that there wasn’t a law against sedition. There sure was for most of my life, and plenty of people were prosecuted under it.

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