The Al Gore Video

Go here to see the Unseen Al Gore Campaign video from 2000, by Spike Jonze.
Remember that Gore got more votes in 2000, and if the vote-counting in Florida had not been halted 5-4 by the Republicans on the Supreme Court, that Gore would be President. (This isn’t even counting the 90,000 votes that Nader took just in Florida.)
Think about how the country would be different today if Gore had become President.
9/11 probably would have been prevented. There would be no war in Iraq even if 9/11 had happened. 100,000+ Iraqi civilians, 2500 Americans, how many Iraqi soldiers? would not have been killed, etc.
We would be actively fighting global warming. We would be MUCH less dependent on Middle East oil.

The country would have continued paying off debt. We might have already payed of the entire national debt by now. Instead we just went to 9 TRILLION in debt. We currently pay well over $250 billion per year just for interest. Think of what that $250 billion could be used for. (See below.)
We would probably have national health insurance for everyone now.
Average incomes would not be declining. Househod debt would not be rising. We wouldn’t all be worrying about losing our pensions. Do you think our jobs would be moving overseas?
This list could just go on and on.
Just think of all the consequences to the country of Bush taking office!

8 thoughts on “The Al Gore Video

  1. At this point, I’ve become convinced that if Gore had been recognized as the rightful winner, they would have assassinated him anyway. Whether literally or for four years until they got their Precious back in 2004.

  2. If only Gore had stolen the election, he probably would have enacted legislation demanding the Sun to stop flucuating at penalty of verbal rebuke and possible ceasation of allowance…
    Not only would that have stopped global warming, but everyone would be healthy and rich…
    If only Gore had stolen the election.

  3. Yeah, you could give me a troll hat for that – just as you could give yourself one for the post. Regardless of which side of the issues one is on, hyperbole it’s still hyperbole. But that’s the problem.
    The media, particularly in election years, focuses primarily upon the negative. And I’d agree that Gore, Kerry, and Dean were at times, unnecessarily skewered. If you’re honest, you’d acknowledge that the right receives the same treatment.
    If you want to win over the opposition, rather than just playing to the choir however, hyperbole really has no place. Even though Gore won a plurality in the general vote, he did not win the election. Had Gore won the election, he would not have been able to stop global warming. And it is pure conjecture to posit that had Gore won, 9-11 would not have occured, along with all those other wishful best outcomes.

  4. Another Look at Al Gore

    I was watching the Unseen Al Gore campaign video recommended by Dave Johnson this morning and was struck by the following quote: Al Gore: I’m a lot more comfortable with the idea of rolling up my sleeves and making the…

  5. Even Pat Buchanan conceded that most of the votes he got in West Palm Beach county were probably meant for Gore. And there were enough of those to have tipped the balance.
    The whole nation suffers because of bad ballot design.
    Speaking of design, I really like your forest graphic up at the top of the page.

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