That’s What Government DOES

I am struck by how similar the Bush disaster planning was to the post-invasion planning for Iraq. Remember the riots and looting that followed the “liberation” of Baghdad?
I was just saying to my wife, when people started arriving at the Superdome … or maybe even the day AFTER the hurricane … or even the NEXT day, it might have occurred to SOMEONE in our government that 50,000 people WERE GOING TO NEED FOOD AND WATER! And what about the rest of the people in New Orleans and in Mississippi and Alabama and everywhere else that was struck?
What can I say? It is overwhelming, watching what is happening to New Orleans and the area struck by the hurricane, and the lack of government response.
Remember when hurricane Andrew struck Florida soon after President Clinton was elected, and how the government responded? THIS IS THE DIFFERENCE! THIS IS WHAT GOVERNMENT DOES! And, sadly, this is what happens when government does not.
In America government is supposed to be us. Of the people, by the people and for the people. In Republican Party America you are on your own, while the treasury is looted for the benefit of the CEOs, and the National Guard is sent off to wars. When the mother of a soldier killed in Iraq stands for a month outside Bush’s vacation “ranch” asking WHY her son was sent to Iraq she is ignored, just as the people in New Orleans are ignored when they ask for food and water and necessary medicines.
I have added a new category for blog posts at Seeing the Forest: democracy and community. Until now the history, funding, organization and tactics of the Right-wing “conservative movement” has been my primary “serious” subject. Democracy and community will be my new primary subject.

4 thoughts on “That’s What Government DOES

  1. What’s obvious at last is that there is no plan. There was no plan for the aftermath of Iraq, and there is no plan for any kind of Homeland Security, either. Worse, there really is a plan — it’s going to be every man, woman, child, sick person, poor, black or white, dog or cat for itself, and that’s the way it is in this supposedly Christian neoconservative nation from now on. Watch your back and get ready. IF there hadn’t been any kind of advance warning of this approaching disaster, and an announcement that people evacuate, would the response have been any different? I doubt it.
    The way the refugees in New Orleans are being treated is the way the Jews were treated during and after WW II. Not just by the Nazis, but by the rest of the world as well. Nobody wanted them. It’s pretty clear that nobody wants to take in these refugees, either. Not only were the poor and black supposed to shut up and drown, but the ONLY reason any help of any kind is reluctantly being given to them now is the noisy outrage of the majority of Americans. And let’s see how many American communities turn out to be willing to take them in.
    FEMA says it didn’t know about the tens of thousands of people waiting at the Convention Center for busses that never came, and for food, water, anything. At least 100 have died waiting. FEMA didn’t know? Yeah, sure. Nobody in FEMA watches television.
    Obviously, what happened was deliberate. The argument is, if you didn’t evacuate what happens to you is your fault. No matter if you were in the hospital on a respirator — or the attending nurses and doctors, either. The saddest part is that what would happen was well known; official estimates of the number of people who would be unable to evacuate turned out to be amazingly accurate. The decision was, let ’em die. Dispose of the poor and black. Tough shit, baby.
    In my humble opinion, we need a firing squad for that bunch of Homeland Security bastards that got on TV yesterday, while all this was happening, to brag about all the imaginary “help” they were delivering. They weren’t delivering any of it. The purpose of this was to deceive the country,. If this isn’t a bunch of traitors, I don’t know what the word traitor means. But we’ll just keep on paying them their fat salaries and putting our lives — all our lives — into their hands. And “all our lives” includes all those deluded Christians and neoconservatives who support these traitors and insist they can do no wrong.

  2. The question remains, what HAS Homeland Security been doing with all that money?
    I really love your new category of Democracy and community. We all need to write aboutit/talk about it that more.

  3. Gee. Maybe it’s time to seriously think about the role of our State Defense Forces, i.e. those guys who really are the organized state militias (not those pansy Minutemen posers).
    In California, they’re called the California State Military Reserve. They are not the National Guard, and they are not subject to federal orders to deploy outside the state.
    If we can’t rely on the National Guard in an emergency, maybe we should beef up our State Defense Forces. Alternatively, we could just let Grover Norquist drown the state governments in the same bathtub as the federal government.

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