THAT Didn’t Take Long

From this:

“These people are nasty and they have a long memory,” he tells Suskind. But he also believes that by speaking out even in the face of inevitable White House wrath, he can demonstrate loyalty to something he prizes: the truth. [. . .] That goal is worth the price of retribution, O’Neill says. Plus, as he told Suskind, “I’m an old guy, and I’m rich. And there’s nothing they can do to hurt me.”

to this: – O’Neill says war plans account distorted – Jan. 13, 2004

“Former Treasury Secretary Paul O’Neill said Tuesday his account of the Bush administration’s early discussions about a possible invasion of Iraq has been distorted.

“People are trying to make a case that I said the president was planning war in Iraq early in the administration,” O’Neill told NBC’s “Today” show. “Actually, there was a continuation of work that had been going on in the Clinton administration with the notion that there needed to be regime change in Iraq.”

THAT didn’t take long. This was a guy who SAID he knew what they were capable of, but was going to stand up to them.

Well, I guess he DIDN’T know what they were capable of. But I bet he does now.