Thanks to Shadow of the Hegemon, for referring to and writing about what I wrote yesterday and for inspiring me to explain my anonymity, which I’ve been meaning to do. Replying to what was written, I don’t think that Will or North or Limbaugh think for a second that what they wrote about the NEA is true – or care. Sure, others are believers, but they have a responsibility to contact NEA before writing that kind of stuff about them, and editors shouldn’t be publishing it without finding out if they did contact NEA. I completely agree that they are using a technique of conditioning the public to distrust mainstream news sources.

IssuesGuy, if you want to change the way that people debate, the first and most important step is to deal with the ridiculous, hateful, and sickening rhetoric aimed at the left, the kind that neo-conservatives specialize in and that the left (both moderate and radical) has ignored and explained away for far too long.

Hey, that’s the theme of this weblog! See the forest for the trees! They throw trees at you, see the forest.

Also, thanks Atrios for referring to and writing about yesterday’s rant as well. I guess I really got going.