Texas Republican Governor Talks Of Seceding From The Union!

The South shall rise again!
Texas Gov. Rick Perry today talked of his state seceding from the United States. From the story,

Perry told reporters following his speech that Texans might get so frustrated with the government they would want to succeed from the union.
. . . Perry has criticized federal bailouts and has refused $555 million in unemployment money because of strings attached. He has in recent days asserted states’ rights under the 10th Amendment and denounced Washington for overstepping authority.
. . . And conservative radio commentator Rick Green declared, “We are firing the first shots of the 2nd American revolution right here in Texas.”
Some in the crowd, which included libertarians and other third-party advocates, said even Perry was not conservative enough.

This is pretty serious stuff here, advocating treason, another civil war and possibly encouraging another Timothy McVeigh.

2 thoughts on “Texas Republican Governor Talks Of Seceding From The Union!

  1. Well, it was a good day. Obama tried to deny we existed, slandered us as terrorists (DHS report) and even called his SS agents on us to shut us down(is little O-bambi so afraid of a tea bag?). But in the end we got our message out about the DC establishment and its actions over the last couple of decades which threaten to sink the country.

  2. I hear that the governor of Texas, “Chuckles” Norris the the Repulsive Party in that state want to leave the Union. God, I can’t wait. What the Hell do the rest of us have to do to speed it up? Absolutely the best idea I’ve heard in years. Why didn’t they think of this while Bushit was still their governor? I hope they are long gone by the end of August, cause I’m damned tired of the Dallas Cowboys calling themselves “America’s Team”. And the University of Texas football team certainly won’t be missed by Oklahoma fans, nor the Sooners of Nebraska. Get them out of this country as fast as possible if they don’t want to be part of it. I’m tired of hearing their shit about once being a separate country and having the right to be so again if they want to do so. Good riddance to each and every one of them. Call the Cowboy’s head office and tell them I’ll gladly drive over and pick up the Lombardi trophies. They’d better get used to paying a shitload of new taxes though, since the US Government will expect all of OUR military weapons back and a hundred and ten million Mexicans might want to talk to them about returning Texas to their fold. Next time they have a big hurricane, call Mexico City for help. Oh well, screw’m. They want to leave, let’m.

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