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  1. Well, I quickly found it at CNN, MSNBC, and the New York Times. So it is being covered, though not with the screaming headlines feministe wants.
    Of course, feministe is also pushing the crap story that Virginia Tech occurred because men hate women and the cops there dismissed the first two murders of a man and a woman as a domestic incident (or as Broadsheet put it, “a lady murder.”)
    You should read the letters to Broadsheet, where knowledgeable readers from all over tell Broadsheet exactly how stupid that is.
    And feministe? They are still saying the Duke students are not innocent, just not guilty, right?
    Here’s Jill at Feministe on Duke on 4/13/07 AFTER all charges were dropped:
    The overwhelming response, from liberals and conservatives alike (but mostly conservatives), has been to brand the accuser a liar. I’ve already had to delete a series of “gotcha!” comments from the moderation queue. Anti-feminists in particular are overjoyed with the players’ exoneration — not because they particularly care about justice, but because they think this is a good way to stick it to the feminists who support rape survivors, sometimes to the detriment of white men. These are the same people who regularly lectured us not to jump to conclusions, and to wait until the “boys” had their day in court.
    Last I checked, the woman has not recanted her story. Last I checked, she isn’t being prosecuted for filing false charges. Last I checked, there is no evidence that she lied about a rape occurring.
    At this point, what’s obvious is that there was not a strong enough case against Reade W. Seligmann, David F. Evans, and Collin Finnerty to take it to trial. That doesn’t mean that they’re upstanding citizens — after all, they hired a stripper for a team party, harassed her, etc etc — but that doesn’t make them rapists. On the other hand, they may very well be rapists, and there was simply not enough evidence to make a case. I hope we can all agree that, if they are in fact innocent, then it’s terrible that they had to go through this whole ordeal. I hope we can all agree that the DA screwed up this case royally.

    Later she has to update that by saying
    UPDATE TWO: A few clarifying points:
    -I am in no way saying that I think these three lacrosse players are guilty. My opinion on their guilt or not isn’t really relevant since I wasn’t there and I don’t know all the facts of the case, but if you’re interested, I don’t think that they raped her.

    I don’t know how to reconcile the two statements I’ve bolded. Seems to me she either first WAS saying they are rapists and then recanted, or second she didn’t think they were rapists but felt like putting out some crap propaganda. I don’t think either reveals anything good about feministe.
    Let’s be careful about how our knees jerk, cause one day someone’s jerking knee will kick us right in the ass.

  2. What you are referring to is reprints of the AP story, nothing more. It is not covered beyond that.
    Compare to ANY story about Muslims acting suspiciously…

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