Terror Threat Up, Stock Market, Too

Why is the stock market rising along with the terror threat level? Does Wall Street know something that we don’t?

Remember the administration’s plans for a terrorism threat futures market? The idea was that the perfection of the market would lead to better indicators of where terrorists would strike, etc… The wingnuts believe in The Market as a religion, and believe that by setting up markets where greedheads can place bets on things like terrorist strikes, we can watch where people are placing their bets, and that will show us what is going to happen.

Well, here’s a terrorist threat, and here’s the stock market. It’s supposed to be the worst threat since 9/11. But the stock market went UP today.

I know that the Bush administration has so politicized national security that their credibility is zero with half the country — but the stock market doesn’t even pay attention to them anymore? The stock market believes that they put out terrorist threats for political reasons?

We need to get these clowns out of office for our own protection. What if this is a REAL threat? What if the next one is? We need an administration that people trust.