Terror Fear

Hey, what happened to The Fear? Where is the “threat level?” Before the election we were getting terror threats all the time… I just checked Fox News and they don’t have the “threat level” meter at the bottom of the screen now!
And remember before the Iraq war started, they were talking about attacks on local shopping malls and smallpox attacks and mailing things to our houses telling us what to do if there is a nuclear attack? Remember The Fear?
What changed?
Update – Agitprop in the comments following this post points us to this about the timing of the terror alerts.

4 thoughts on “Terror Fear

  1. Before the election, we were also told that terrorist activities worldwide had decreased in number and effect; later, the Bushies had to “revise” their statements to address an actual increase in effective acts of terrorism. Mid-April of this year, the Bushies took the task of terrorism accounting away from the State Department. Perhaps they figured that the whole terrorism hammer won’t be as electorally useful as would the religious hammer for nailing mid-term elections. The Fear now is not for your mortal existence, but for your immortal soul. Nice trade.

    Color-coded alerts are gone. As I remember, Secretary Chertoff retired the Homeland Security Advisory System when he took office, so we don’t have to color-coordinate our wardrobes with the daily threat level color.

  2. Indeed, the threat of Bush not getting re-elected has passed (whew) and now we don’t need that pesky color-coded thing anymore.
    Fearmongering pricks.

  3. I think the terror chart was deemed “too gay” because it resembled the gay pride rainbow so it was retired.
    I found an interesting site with discusses the historical use and timing of the Threat Level Assessment and terror alerts if you’re interested.

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