Terrify, then Harvest

Bush and the rest of the right-wingers have been working hard to scare the hell out of the public for some time now. And they have been harvesting the results politically. Now they’re harvesting cash, too.

Here’s the headline piece in today’s right-wing Heritage Foundation TowhHall.com e-mail. (To help you get the flavor of TownHall, today’s e-mailing links to articles by “Thomas, Novak, Mackenzie, Fields, McCaslin, Williams, Kudlow, Elder, Chavez, Bartlett, Tyrrell, Chapman, and Coulter”.)


Are you ready to protect your family? Unfortunately, most Americans aren’t prepared to survive terrorist attacks. Worse, the U.S. government has told us nothing about what we can do to protect ourselves. Don’t be a sitting duck! Find out what you can do to protect yourself from coming attacks.

So let’s click on the URL, and find out how to protect ourselves from IMMINENT chemical and biological attacks.

While you are vulnerable, you are far from helpless. In a moment I’ll share five simple but potentially life-saving steps to take immediately to protect yourself. But first, you must understand the threat:

Saddam Hussein Could Launch

Deadly Biochemical Attacks Against

America Within 60 Days

A few missiles fired against the U.S. could set off a nationwide plague, which would cripple, disfigure, and even kill millions of American citizens.

Terrorists Already Have Nuclear Weapons

And, eventually, it gets to the point,

I’ve been selling Surviving Terrorism in various newsletters and magazines for $199.00. Hundreds of people have bought it at this price. I’m convinced the potentially life-saving information it contains is worth every penny. In fact, this is still the price I am selling it for to the general public (check out my home page here).

However, for a limited time, you can have this life-saving special report for only $97.00. That’s less than half price!

I used to write direct mail, so I understand how this is being used. TownHall sent it out – so it’s approved. Their approval demonstrates that they recognize how this “wartime Presidency” crap is about selling stuff to the rubes.

Bush formula: Terrify, then harvest.

P.S. One of the TownHall articles promotes Lieberman’s candidacy!