Tell your Republican Senator to Go Cheney Himself

In accordance with the new Cheney civility rules, we’re asking you to contact your Republican Senator, if you have one, and tell him to go Cheney himself. If you have a Democratic Senator, ask him to tell a Republican Senator to go Cheney himself.

Majority leader Frist can be told to go Cheney himself here.

Other Republican Senators can be told to go Cheney themselves here.

Good Americans Believe That No American President Should Ever Apologize For Anything. Especially Not to Terrorists like Leahy

Not an Issue for Bush

Not an Issue for Frist

In a surprise move Dick Cheney has pushed forward an amendment to the recent Senate proposal to increase ten-fold the maximum penalty the Federal Communications Commission may issue for a decency violation on television and radio. The modification allows that the word “Fuck” can now be used in circumstances where it makes the person saying it feel better.

UPDATE (thanks, 56k): “Fuck” won’t get through the spamscreen. Use the word “Cheney” instead.

The software above allows you to contact everyone who represents you, from the President on down, all at once!

Here’s my letter:

Dear Senators:

Pursuant the new Cheney civility rules, could Sen. Smith please go “Cheney” himself? And on behalf od the voters of Oregon, could Sen. Wyden please tell Sen. Smith to go “Cheney” himself, and also tell the presiding officer of the Senate, whether Sen. Frist or Vice President Cheney, to go p**s up a rope?


John Emerson